Davis Hall

Email Dr. Davis Hall Dr. Davis Hall is the founder and patriarch of Columbia Pike Animal Hospital and Emergency Center, founded in 1974. Our actual roots were planted in 1974 when, after serving in the military, Dr. Hall acquired Town & Country Animal Hospital in Fairfax. The practice treated both large and small animals, as Northern [...]

Reed Hall

Email Dr. Reed Hall Dr. Reed Hall, son of Dr. Davis Hall, extends the family’s veterinary legacy. Dr. Hall displays enormous compassion for his patients and clients alike. His clients never leave their appointments without having been educated on topics related to either their pet’s health, treatment, or nutrition. He also has an affinity for surgery and [...]

Courtney Katsur

Email Dr. Courtney Katsur Black and yellow proud, Dr. Katsur hails from Pittsburgh, PA. Before becoming a veterinarian, she had a career in private banking. The demands of Wall Street allowed very little time for one of her true loves, animals. Time spent volunteering for Puppies Behind Bars helped set the stage for a major [...]

Jacque Stahl

Email Dr. Jacque Stahl Becoming a veterinarian was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Dr. Stahl. She even left paradise to do it. Before earning her Veterinary Degree, she owned, operated and chartered a sailing catamaran that voyaged the British Virgin Islands. As she and her guests sailed, she even served as Chef and [...]

Natacha Simpkins

Email Dr. Natacha Simpkins Dr. Simpkins is proud to be a veterinarian, dedicated to helping and curing animals so they can live long and healthy lives. She was born in Montreal, Canada and raised in Denver, Colorado. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College before attending Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, where she [...]

Jessica Christenson

Email Dr. Jessica Christenson Dr. Christenson was born and raised in Fairfax, VA, so Town & Country feels like coming home in more ways than one. She's dreamed of working as a vet since she was a young girl and prepared accordingly. Her pet menagerie now rivals hobby farms (3 dogs, 1 cat). All of [...]

Nancy Barnett

Email Dr. Nancy Barnett During her childhood, Dr. Barnett spent some time in England. It was then that her parents, both native New Yorkers, learned that she wanted to devote her life to caring for animals. Imagine their surprise. Dr. Barnett went on to earn her Bachelor of Science at the University of Maryland, her [...]

Jessica Bussanich

Email Dr. Jessica Bussanich Dr. Bussanich was born and raised in Northern Virginia, where she played softball, basketball, and worked as a veterinary assistant and then technician. She attended undergraduate studies at the University of Delaware before achieving her doctorate at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine along with her clinical rotation at Louisiana State [...]

Ryan Alwiel

Email Dr. Ryan Alwiel Dr. Alwiel is a Northern Virginia native, graduating from James Madison HS and working for a nearby vet clinic. He then went to University of Georgia for undergraduate, getting a Bachelors in Animal Science in the College of Agriculture. At UGA, he spent countless hours doing wildlife and large animal emergency [...]

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