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What You Need to Know About Pets and COVID-19

For close to a year now, our world has been turned upside down by COVID-19. We have struggled to adjust to a new normal of wearing masks, working from home, virtual learning, and on-line shopping. Through the ups and downs, our pets have been an unchanging source of comfort, companionship, and joy. As part of [...]

8 Ways to Tell If Your Pet Requires Emergency Care

Your pet’s adorable antics are one of the things you love most about them. However, those antics can get your four-legged friend into serious trouble. If your pet has chewed something they shouldn’t, chased a squirrel into a busy road and been hit by a car, or played too much fetch in the blazing summer [...]

4 Ways to Brush Up On Your Pet’s Dental Health

Did you know that almost all pets have some form of dental disease by age 3? Since they cannot brush their own teeth, your pet relies on you to provide top-notch dental care. Here are four ways to ensure your pet’s mouth remains healthy and pain-free.  #1: Know dental disease signs in pets You may [...]

Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs

Fleas and ticks are problems for pet parents across the United States. These pests spread diseases and cause uncomfortable itching in your dogs and cats. These pests are found all over the country. However, the Midwest and heavily forested areas are especially bad. The climate promotes the growth of tall grasses and heavily wooded areas [...]

Benefits of Having Your Dog Groomed Professionally

When you adopt a certain breed of dog, like a poodle, you expect they will need regular grooming. Other breeds, like Labradors, aren’t usually associated with regular trips to the groomer. Some things you can easily do at home, like baths or even nail trims if you feel comfortable. Other times, taking your pup to [...]

When to Have Your Dog Spayed or Neutered

You just adopted a cute and cuddly new puppy. All the new information can be overwhelming: vaccination schedules, when to switch from puppy food to adult food, heartworm preventative, flea preventative…the list just seems to go on and on. One thing you don’t need to think about (for a few months at least) is when you should [...]

How Often Does a Dog Need Teeth Cleaning

It’s Thanksgiving Day and you and your extended family is sitting down to a large spread. You fill your plate and start to tuck into your herb-rubbed and 3-day brined turkey, buttered mashed potatoes, and your aunt’s famous cranberry-orange salad. Before you take a bite, you notice something smells…off. It’s not the food. No, the [...]

Why Dog Vaccinations are Necessary

It seems like every week you get an email from your veterinarian about vaccines your puppy and your cat are due for. Are all these vaccines really necessary? Is it really safe to give puppies so many vaccines? Does a 17-year-old dog really need a rabies vaccine every year? Dogs should have a vaccine plan in place [...]

When to Call an Emergency Vet

You just tried a new recipe for a dark chocolate raspberry cake, and so far, just out of the oven, it looks amazing. You leave it on the counter to cool and step outside to water your geraniums. Not five minutes later you walk back in the kitchen and notice a plate full of cake [...]

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