Shaking in Their Boots: Anxiety and Noise Aversion in Pets

Up to 67% of dogs may suffer with noise aversion—an exaggerated, fearful response to specific noises such as thunder, fireworks, or smoke alarms. These reactions, similar to human panic attacks, are a medical issue that must be treated to alleviate suffering. Left untreated, dogs with noise aversion gradually get worse, and are more likely to [...]

Summertime Safety: Heatstroke in Pets

As the weather heats up, most people spend more time outdoors to enjoy the sun and warmth before winter comes yet again. But heat can be dangerous for pets, who have less efficient cooling mechanisms than people, and can’t take off their fur coats. When heat overwhelms a pet’s cooling abilities, their body temperature rises [...]

Here for the Paw-ty—National Dog Day

Are you in the mood for some four-legged fun? National Dog Day is August 26 and Town and Country Animal Hospital is ready to celebrate. Learn more about this mostly unofficial but wildly popular dog-honoring day, and how you can commemorate all-things canine—whether or not you have a dog. National Dog Day history National Dog [...]

Speak! What are Animal Rights? What is Animal Welfare?

Animal cruelty is an unfortunate and widespread problem that has been around since the dawn of time. When animals are used for food, sport, entertainment, and fashion, their wellbeing is often overlooked, compromised, or altogether sacrificed for financial gain. Animal rights and animal welfare initiatives are committed to affecting change and speaking up for voiceless [...]

6 Benefits of Year-Round Flea and Tick Prevention for Pets

Fleas and ticks can be active all year long, and can cause significant health issues for your pet. Preventing these external parasites is much easier than treating the diseases they transmit. Our team at Town and Country Animal Hospital wants to explain the benefits of year-round flea and tick prevention for your pet, to ensure [...]

Virginia Veterinarian to Help Animals in Ukrainian Refugee Camps

For now, she says her biggest worry is that once she gets there, she may not be able to "save as many as I'd like.” A local veterinarian gathers supplies to head to refugee camps in Ukraine to help animals impacted or left behind. News4’s Solangi Sosa reports. Through the chaos and the war in [...]

April 30 is World Veterinary Day

Veterinarians work tirelessly to provide excellent care to their patients, other animals, and humans. These dedicated individuals are celebrated every year on World Veterinary Day, held the last Saturday in April, which this year falls on April 30. Our team at Town and Country Animal Hospital wants to provide information about this event and explain [...]

Do’s and Don’ts to Express Gratitude to Your Pet

Owning a pet has many physical and mental benefits, and your life wouldn’t be the same without your devoted four-legged friend. Our team at Town and Country Animal Hospital wants to help you show your appreciation by offering do’s and don’ts on how to express gratitude to your pet. DO express your gratitude by spending [...]

7 Ways Pet Owners Can Show Appreciation to Animal Control Officers

Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week is April 10 through 16—the perfect time to show your appreciation to the hard-working Animal Control Officers. These officers risk their lives and devote their time and energy to provide many vital community services, so our team at Town and Country Animal Hospital wants to suggest ways you can [...]

What Pet Owners Should Know About Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering your pet lowers their risk of serious health issues, and makes them more content to stay at home. Our team at Town and Country Animal Hospital wants to explain the importance of these procedures, so your pet can reap the benefits. Spaying and neutering your pet is beneficial to their health Spaying [...]

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