Emergency Vet in Fairfax, VA

emergency vet in fairfax, va

If your pet needs immediate medical attention, call us right away at (703) 273-2110 so we can help you. Even if you’re not sure about the severity of your pet’s condition, we would be glad to offer our assistance in any way we can. Not sure if what your pet just ate could be toxic? Let us know. Regardless of the situation, we want to hear from you. We can provide emergency vet services in Fairfax, VA during our regular business hours, and we have an overnight call service that takes messages after hours.

Should your pet need emergency vet services outside of our business hours, please call Columbia Pike Animal Hospital & Emergency Center in Annandale.

Columbia Pike Animal Hospital & Emergency Center
(703) 256-8414
4205 Evergreen Lane
Annandale, VA 22003