Health Certificates

Domestic and international.


Slide Traveling outside of the country can be a hassle, but it’s important to have all of your bases covered before you leave—especially if you’re taking your pet with you! That’s why we are pleased to offer an international health certificate for dogs and cats here at Town & Country Animal Hospital in Fairfax. An international health certificate shows that your pet meets all of the health requirements of the country you will be visiting. You need to have your pet vaccinated and up-to-date on their fecal and heartworm tests as soon as possible, and should also have their international health certificate completed and signed by the USDA-APHIS office state veterinarian at least 10 days before your trip.

Slide Where to start? First, visit Select your destination country from the drop-down list, Locate the forms needed to export your pet. Print out all the documentation and make sure to keep it on you to reference as you travel. Make sure to read all instructions carefully and take note of the requirements of the surrounding countries. In the event you experience a layover you will be prepared for the local guidelines. We also advise you to contact the embassy of the country you will be visiting.

Slide Additional Documentation It never hurts to be thorough; we recommend printing out copies of your pet’s last two rabies certificates, along with a summary of their most recent vaccinations. Include signed documentation or an invoice that includes the date of your pet’s microchip implantation. Call your USDA state office veterinarian and destination country embassy to make sure you have everything you need.

All Health Certificates need to be signed by your Veterinarian and endorsed by the APHIS. Your Veterinarian will walk you through this entire process.
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