New communication technology is coming to Town and Country Animal Hospital—we have adopted the VitusVet platform to better serve you and your pets. VitusVet offers many new features, including a mobile app, two-way messaging, appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and access to your pet’s medical records. 

We have one goal with our new communication system—to make your beloved pet’s health care more manageable. In addition to reaching us by phone, email, text, our website, and Facebook, you can now stay in touch via our new mobile app. Download the app, and you will always have all our new communication features at your fingertips. Here are explanations of how VitusVet will better connect you to our hospital and simplify caring for your pet.

Your pet’s digital medical records in the palm of your hand

It’s one o’clock in the morning, and you have to take your pet to an urgent care center, where the veterinary team wants to know if your pet has a reaction to any medications. You know he had trouble with one medication, but can’t remember the name, and you can’t reach our hospital since it’s after hours. Imagine your panic. Now, imagine that you hold your pet’s medical record, including medicine reaction alerts, in the palm of your hand. With our new app, you will. With the app, you can keep your pet’s history and progress, including medical alerts, vaccinations, lab results, microchip information, activity level, weight, and more, on your phone or mobile device for quick, easy access anywhere, anytime. 

Pet appointment scheduling and reminders

Your busy daily work schedule leaves no time for phone calls, waiting on hold, or listening to voicemail, and your best time to deal with your pet’s health care is outside normal business hours. With our new app, you can request an appointment anytime, day or night. You choose the appointment time and day that works best for you, and we will confirm the time and date. You can also choose the communication method—text, email, or app notification—you prefer. Plus, phone calls and postcards are still options.

Pet prescription reminders and requests

The VitusVet system helps ensure your pet receives their needed flea, tick, and heartworm preventives, as well as other prescription medications and supplements. With the app, you can see your pet’s current medications and request refills with one tap of your mobile phone. You can also opt for automated pet prescription refill reminders, and create reminders to administer your pet’s medications and parasite preventives to ensure their protection.

Two-way messaging about your pet and Text To Pay

Our VitusVet system provides secure two-way messaging and picture messaging, as well as Text to Pay. When you make an appointment, you can send us a photo of your pet’s problem so we know what to expect, and then you can provide real-time text and photo updates of your pet’s progress. If your pet is hospitalized, we can send a photo while you are busy at work, to give you peace of mind. Also, when you pick up your pet, the Text to Pay feature allows you to pay conveniently from your mobile device, making curbside service safer and faster.

Online surveys and reviews of our pet services

Last but not least, every new service our hospital adopts requires input from our stakeholders. You can provide immediate feedback and help us better respond to your needs by completing our post-appointment surveys and reviews. We love to hear and share your stories of good experiences at our hospital, and to implement your ideas to improve our service for you and your pet. Our app makes survey responses and sending reviews quick and easy.

As we roll out our VitusVet communication platform, we encourage you to call Town and Country Animal Hospital with any questions. We will be here to answer the phone—the old-fashioned way—and to guide you as we start using these new resources. By navigating this transition together, we will reach our goal of serving you and your pets at a higher level, and you will enjoy all our new app’s features that better connect you and your pet to our hospital.